COVID Safety Plan

The Pacific Ninja Gym located at 2340 Bevan Ave, Sidney, BC

Owner: Brad Armstrong

Manager: Katharine Palmer

Following an assessment of the risks evident in our workplace we have identified items people share and areas that they tend to gather. We have restricted participants in the gym and we’re making efforts to exercise physical distancing. We have upped the frequency of cleaning the obstacles and equipment. Personal workout equipment is no longer shared. We provide our participants with disinfectant spray and single use paper towel for use on the equipment. Hand sanitizer and three hand washing stations are provided. We have posted hand washing, social distancing and ‘do not enter if you’re feeling sick’ signs in the gym.

An occupancy limit for our premises has been established and we have created an online booking system to allow participants to reserve one hour time slots, pay and complete a waiver before they arrive. We screen participants, take contact info and ask spectators to remain outside. Private rentals and birthday parties now have exclusive use of the gym and are limited to 6 participants. Advanced reservations are required and a list of participants must be provided ahead of time.

Staff members exercise physical distancing and stand behind a partition during contactless transactions. Coaches wear masks when distancing is not possible. It is our duty to ensure that the equipment is cleaned before use and we ask participants to spray disinfectant on the equipment following it’s use. We follow new guidelines that focus on regular cleaning and sterilizing with special attention to frequently touched areas; handles, door knobs, shoe lockers, etc.

Fitness classes are held when the obstacle gym is closed to drop ins. Classes must be reserved in advance, no drop ins are allowed. Good hygiene practices are encouraged, we require everyone to bring their own towel for sweat and to use paper towel with disinfectant on the workout gear; weights, exercise balls etc.

Twice daily we clean and disinfect with Maxim Orderly (20min set/dry time), a product approved by the provincial health authority. Throughout the day we use the hydrogen based disinfectant Viper (5min set/dry time) on equipment before and after use. A 1:9 alcohol:h2o mix is used on the waiver form tablet. We encourage completing the electronic waiver form online before arriving at the gym.