As of Friday November 20th we will be closed until further notice

Ninja Obstacle Gym

Vancouver Island's 1st Ninja Warrior Obstacle Gym.

Kid's Ninja room for 7 -10 year olds (minimum age 7 years old)

Adult Obstacle Gym

Jumping Spider

Rings, Monkey Balls, and Bars

Salmon Ladder

Quintuplet Steps

and Warped Wall!

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Adult Fitness Classes

Our adult fitness classes help you get into ninja warrior mode with exercises that focus on building strength and endurance. We use kettle bells, exercise balls and weighted bars to develop important ninja skills like balance and stability, explosive leg strength, gripping and pulling power.

Dynamic Yoga during warm ups and cooling down helps mobilize the joints and avoid injury.

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Summer Ninja Competition

7-15 years of age

Pacific Ninja Gym’s in house ninja warrior obstacle competition to be held Sunday August 30th 2020.

Age groups: 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 years and 13-14 years old. Registration is $15.

Challenging for all ages, the obstacles will test your balance, agility, and muscle endurance.

Youth Fitness Classes

Our youth fitness classes teach the value of fitness to ages 7-15. Wellness begins with a good daily routine that includes staying hydrated, eating well and physical fitness. We focus on exercises that improve balance and coordination and build endurance to overcome any obstacle. 

Parkour classes

Parkour can be thought of as being chased  by someone. .  .  you want to get away as fast as possible but what if you come across an obstacle? If you go around it you are only wasting time and energy.

In Parkour you don't slow down to go around a wall, you jump, vault or climb over it!

Learn break falls, vaults and precision jumping in a controlled environment.

Kid's Birthday Parties, Private Parties and Events

Why not a health focused activity for your next child's birthday party? Or maybe a team building experience for your co-workers or teammates!? Ninja obstacles are the perfect cross training tool.

Kid's Birthday parties have private use of the entire gym. 8 participants max.