Ninja Gym Final Closure

It is with great regret that we announce the permanent closure of the Pacific Ninja Gym. This is not the decision we hoped for, have worked for, or fought for since the onset of the lockdown. When we reopened in June of 2020 we were armed with new protocols for sterilizing the gym and protecting our customers and we stayed optimistic. Slowly we brought back our fitness classes and youth parkour program while abiding by the new restricted participants.

On November 19th we once again were required to suspend any activities that drastically elevate oxygen input and output because it creates a high risk environment for transmission of COVID 19. Under these restrictions we are prevented from offering any services for the unseeable future and we have no choice but to close permanently.

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our world and how we live our day to day lives. From gyms being high risk environments to the cancelation of every race, run or event in Canada, COVID 19 has permanently altered the way we view fitness. This is a new economic realty where customers are more selective about what to purchase and where to invest their time and money. The circumstances are unavoidable and despite assistance from the federal government we’re not in the position to wait. 

To those who have shared their fitness journey with us, thank you for the great experiences at the gym. To the amazing kids I have come to know, it’s with heavy hearts we say goodbye. Stay strong, the Canadian Ninja League will continue competitions next year and I hope to see you there.

Brad Armstrong

Owner, ninja mentor and instructor


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